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The following steps can help you realise better cooling from your Air Cooler:

icon 1 Ensure that you have switched to Cooling mode.
icon 2 Ensure there is sufficient water in the tank.
icon3 Keep windows or doors open for cross-ventilation.
icon4 We recommend replacing the pads every year by registering a request on our Customer Care Helpline: +86-769-22188788 ext. 963/780. Cooling pads are not covered under warranty.

Keruilai Air Cooler carries a 1 year Warranty。 To avail the Warranty services, please ensure you handover a photocopy of the valid Purchase Bill to the service engineer。

Please check the air cooler for the above steps before registering your request.


Keruilai is a global evaporative air cooling company。

Products & Solutions

Coolers designed to meet the requirements of every cooling need - a quite home, busy office or busting factory.

Quality Commitment

Today, Keruilai is a powerful and trusted air cooling brand。 To us, our brand name, that we imprint on our products with pride, represents a commitment we make。

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